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Ten Artists Talk About The Songs They Can’t Stop Falling in Love With

Pop music very likely taught you more about the birds and the bees than your parents ever did, so it’s no surprise that when you actually experience the highs and lows of love, it’s music … read more »

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Stream: Widowspeak, “The Dark Age”

The cover artwork for Widowspeak’s sophomore album Almanac screams ’70s rock, but with Molly Hamilton’s voice recalling the sugar-sweet croon of Hope Sandoval or even the Donnelly sisters, “The Dark Age” more closely resembles the … read more »

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Widowspeak, “Ballad of the Golden Hour” MP3

Brooklyn trio Widowspeak has always kind of sounded like a very self-conscious cross between Fleetwood Mac and Mazzy Star, but their recent trip into the studio with producer Kevin McMahon, the man behind the ultra-lush … read more »

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Why Are Fan Videos Obsessed With The New Wave?

Jean-Luc Godard made films for a generation raised on Marx & Coca Cola, but it’s damn near impossible to name the innumerable icons to which to reduce ours, a generation that witnessed the quick rise … read more »

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Stream: Widowspeak, “Nightcrawlers”

Sometimes music can be so serious and heavy, and sometimes that is pretty cool. We’re definitely big proponents of light times and all that, but when a song comes along that actually makes good use … read more »

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