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Video: Wild Yaks, “Last Tears of the Night”

Wild Yaks are the most gloriously messy band. They spit out ragged lyrics that both romanticize New York and tear it apart. They break up and get back together again. Members quit and are folded … read more »

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Stream: Wild Yaks, “A Million Years”

The New York rock band Wild Yaks are releasing an album later next month. “A Million Years” comes with the group chant of, Now that I’m a million years old, somewhere between a war cry … read more »

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Live at Grand Street Bakery: Wild Yaks

The dudes of Brooklyn’s Wild Yaks spend a lot of time at the beach, which is awesome, but their music isn’t exactly sweet and breezy. Each member sings and plays loud, and though they’re all … read more »

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Wild Yaks, “Million Years Old” MP3

You may remember Wild Yaks as one of those cult bands that people either know and love, or don’t know at all. Point is, those that do care, really care. We’re firmly in the caring … read more »

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Contest: Win Tickets to See Theophilus London, BLK JKs & Wild Yaks

Talk about an inspired lineup! Deep breath: FADER 52 cover stars BLK JKS, FADER 61 feature Theophilus London and FADER 57 Gen Fers Wild Yaks are all uniting under one roof this Saturday September 12th … read more »

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Food Thyme: Wild Yaks Graze Slices on Scott’s Pizza Tour

We already knew that the grizzled men from Wild Yaks had a fondness for pizza and beer, but when we found out frontman Rob Bryn had pie in his blood (his brother owns Robertas in … read more »

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Video: Wild Yaks Live for Pandora

Perennial favorites and champions, Wild Yaks were pretty drunk last night, playing inside K+M bar in Brooklyn. “I am not playing in front of Fish Called Wanda!” Rob kept yelling, because there was a projector … read more »

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Freeload: Wild Yaks, “Pondering Philosopher,” “Blood Red Field” + “Crazy But Not Afraid” MP3s

Last week, we pleaded with you, for the sake of your betterment and for our sound minds, to listen to the three Wild Yaks. We’re not going to beg any longer, just offer you a … read more »

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Freeload: Wild Yaks, “River May Come,” “Tomahawk” and “Wish I Had a Whip” MP3s

Most of the time we try not to take personally what you do—listen to this, don’t, whatever. But as Music Journalists, it is occasionally difficult to see the projects you champion linger in a bland … read more »

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Video: Wild Yaks Documentary

You know what? Wild Yaks make us feel excited to be in New York despite the fact that it is too expensive and crowded and too hot/cold or whatever else you want to say. This … read more »

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