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Stream: Shock, “Heaven”

Dan Judd, bka Sorcerer and half of Cali mind-melters Windsurf, has a new project for us to get new-age carnal in the club with. Shock is less a jolt than a series of slow burns, … read more »

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Sorcerer’s Mega Mix 2011 MP3

Dan Judd bka Sorcerer (and as the yin to Hatchback’s yang in Windsurf) delivers an hour’s worth of blissed out sounds with his Mega Mix 2011. So if your early morning commute was as gnarly … read more »

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Hatchback, “Hotaru” (Edit) MP3

For his second solo venture, Sam Grawe aka Hatchback (and the other half of the electronic group Yasunari Kawabata and was inspired by a passage about hotarugaike, or firefly lake. And, really, the song does … read more »

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Video: Sorcerer, “Push 2 Freeze”

Chance are your laptop probably came with something that edits video. We’re willing to bet Sorcerer aka Dan Judd, one half of Windsurf, worked on at least half of “Push 2 Freeze” on his computer, … read more »

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Grawesome: Sam Grawe’s Personal Collection

When we found out that Windsurf member Sam Grawe was the Editor-in-Chief of Dwell magazine back in FADER #55, we wanted to know how the rest of his apartment matched up to that wild, striped … read more »

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Video: Windsurf, “Weird Energy”

Fucking Miami Vice, bitches! HAHA. Fucking Rad. Is that Rad? Remember that shit? Man.

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FADER/Southern Comfort 7-inch Series #10: Wavves and Windsurf

Two killer exclusive tracks grace each side of the newest installment of the FADER/Southern Comfort 7-inch series. We’ve got a bit of an aquatic theme between Mario Hugo‘s psychedelic water swirl layout and the liquidity … read more »

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Exclusive Freeload: Windsurf, “The Big Island” + Gen F

When we first heard “Pocket Check” by San Francisco’s Windsurf we spent a while trying to decide if it was the soundtrack to a chilled out adventure in space or an epic beach session. Once … read more »

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Freeload: Windsurf, “Magicwand” And Others At Barackrock.org

Musicians and artists alike are banding together at Barack Rock, a new site with free downloads with original art and a myriad of information and links about donating to Barack Obama’s campaign, volunteering time and … read more »

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Audio: The FADER Issue 55 Podcast

Now that summer’s here and you’ve read our totally conveniently released (and titled) summer music issue, you’re probably looking for some music to listen to while you eat ice cream in the park or ride … read more »

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