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Matt Kivel

Listen to LA Songwriter Matt Kivel’s “Insignificance”

FADER PREMIERE On July 8th, LA’s Matt Kivel, formerly of Gap Dream, will release his sophomore collection of mellow guitar jams called Days of Being Wild. “Insignificance” has a warmly familiar sound and the dusky … read more »

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Video: The Babies, “Mess Me Around”

The Babies‘ sophomore album Our House on the Hill is full of nonstop gems. Each song feels designed to be worn out by our collective record players. Apparently, the record caught the attention of Scott … read more »

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Stream: Herbcraft, “No Land”

Here’s a list of words that describe Herbcraft’s music: smoky, disorienting, psychedelic, distant, pretty, overwhelming. But really what it boils down to is that Herbcraft is music as drugs. Their sound is so all encompassing … read more »

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Stream: The Woolen Men, “Mayonnaise”

Growing up in the Northwest, I mostly learned about Seattle’s rock scene by listening to the radio and reading about it in the now-defunct local free music paper The Rocket. I was too young to … read more »

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Stream: Eat Skull, “Space Academy”

One of the best things about watching a band that uses murk and fuzz as an extra instrument, like Eat Skull, is seeing how they let their natural pop instincts—which are inevitably buried somewhere in … read more »

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Stream The Babies’ Album Our House on the Hill

The weird thing about being in a band right now is you can record one song and then suddenly have all eyes on you at once. It’s made some band’s careers and destroyed others before … read more »

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Stream: Woods, “Cali in a Cup”

At some point in the last couple years Woods became a career band. You know the kind. The questions go from “Is this going to be the record that catapults them into megastardom?” to “What … read more »

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White Fence, “King of the Decade” MP3

It’d be easy to joke about which bygone decade White Fence’s sound could be king of, but that’d just detract from the fact that it’s all I want to listen to right now. The way … read more »

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White Fence, “Swagger Vets and Double Moon” MP3

At what point did hanging in the basement get glamorous? Maybe just right now, because White Fence’s “Swagger Vets and Double Moon” sounds like basement psych. The kind made by dudes that have only a … read more »

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The Polyps, “III” MP3

Jeremy Earl of Woods and his label Woodsist have carved out a great niche with his new imprint Hello Sunshine. Thus far, each release has been simultaneously disorienting, damaged and languidly beautiful. The Polyps’ Ants … read more »

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