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Young Dreams, “Fog of War” (Lemonade Remix) MP3

Diver, Lemonade’s album from earlier this year, sounds like it was conceived, written and recorded inside the darkest club between the hours of three and four AM. It’s probably what gives the whole thing a … read more »

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Stream: Young Dreams, “Feels Like We Only Go Bachwards” (Tame Impala Cover)

Well, this is unexpected. Here, Young Dreams take Tame Impala‘s “Feels Like We Only Go Backwards,” re-title it so that there’s a punny Burt Bacharach reference, and turn the whole thing from the loping, gorgeously … read more »

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Young Dreams, “Fog Of War” (Korallreven Remix) MP3

Whenever I hear Korallreven do their signature thing, which grafts layers of tropical instrumentation onto subtly sad songs, I think of Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Like most romantic comedies, the movie starts out sad, gets sadder … read more »

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Video: Young Dreams, “Fog of War”

Kristoffer Borgli’s new video for Young Dreams’ “Fog of War” pits the band’s soaring, bleary-eyed, optimistic sound against a narrative dealing with the dark, often destructive dissipation of adolescence. The video plays a bit like … read more »

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Young Dreams, “Fog Of War” (Baio Remix) MP3

Vampire Weekend’s Chris Baio takes on Young Dreams‘ massive “Fog Of War,” adding subtle shades of digital dub and rounded percussion that turns the song from melancholy anthem to something much more upbeat. At least … read more »

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Young Dreams, “Young Dreams” MP3

You don’t often hear about Grieg in conjunction with contemporary popular music, but Norwegian collective Young Dreams sees its elder statesman as a primary influence. “This was our attempt to make a song with a … read more »

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Video: Young Dreams, “Young Dreams”

Young Dreams first music video is Home Alone 6 for the affluent young Norwegian set, two lil cuties running amok, mostly destroying the house we always wish we lived in. There are a million great … read more »

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