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Download ZS’ SCORE Remixes + Interview

For a collective known for its instrumental chops, Brooklyn avant-rock collective ZS has become awfully interested in the mechanics of DJ culture of late. This past January, they transformed their recent, retrospective SCORE boxset into … read more »

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Stream: Zs, “Bump (Zebrablood Remix)”

This year, longrunning Brooklyn avant-improv unit Zs regrouped as the trio of founding member and sax player Sam Hillmer, guitarist Patrick Higgins, and former Liturgy drummer Greg Fox; they also released Score, a Northern Spy-released … read more »

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Stream: Zs, “Except When You Don’t Because Sometimes You Won’t (Zebrablood Remix)”

This past September, Brooklyn avant-jazz collective Zs celebrated their 10th anniversary with Score: The Complete Sextet Works: 2002-2007, a colorfully packaged box set featuring over four and a half hours of out of print and … read more »

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