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King Krule: God Save the King

Is Archy Marshall ready for rock royalty? From the magazine: ISSUE 90, Feb/March 2014 It’s 10pm on Archy Marshall’s last day off before he leaves London for a two-week North American tour. He’s in his … read more »

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Stream: King Krule, “The Noose of Jah City”

Who needs therapy when we’ve got King Krule? Doesn’t matter that he’s a teenager, because he’s got a better handle on describing why something sucks than most adults we know. Rather than just be a … read more »

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Is Zoo Kid the Spiritual Son of The Streets?

We really loved Mike Skinner’s content-creation for The Guardian’s music blog last week, wanted to get him on the phone to talk about it (blogging). He said no, that The Streets is officially deaded. His … read more »

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The Tripwire: YOUTH

Last Friday, verb/re/verb curated a YOUTH mixtape of teenage artists covering songs that shaped their childhoods not long past. The first track, by Teenage Reverb, is a wordless Backstreet Boys cover. Their take on “Get … read more »

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The Tripwire: 2011, Everything is the New Everything

J. Edward Keyes, Editor-in-Chief for eMusic, told WNYC: “In 2011, expect the line between independent music and big-name, arena-filling acts to become increasingly blurred.” That sounds about right. (Top Three Places We Saw Phoenix With … read more »

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Zoo Kid Out Getting Ribs Video

Zoo Kid, “Out Getting Ribs” MP3

Teenage life: Not that much different than adult life sometimes? Maybe you’re in your 20s and you spent January first hungover, smoking weed out of an apple on a snowy porch with a glass of … read more »

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Zoo Kid Out Getting Ribs Video

Video: Zoo Kid, “Out Getting Ribs”

Can’t decide if this video is heartbreaking because it’s just Zoo Kid singing in that half mumble, spitting emotion through clenched teeth or if it’s because it’s him standing and fidgeting in teenage nervousness. Either … read more »

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Premiere: Zoo Kid, “Has This Hit” MP3

It takes a special talent to bottle teen angst and get it out there in a not cheesy way. Like, most adults cannot figure out how to do this, and most kids are too lame … read more »

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