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Download ZS’ SCORE Remixes + Interview

For a collective known for its instrumental chops, Brooklyn avant-rock collective ZS has become awfully interested in the mechanics of DJ culture of late. This past January, they transformed their recent, retrospective SCORE boxset into … read more »

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Boredoms’ Shinji Masuko Remixes Zs

Last time we heard from Brooklyn improv-rock collective Zs, they were high-tailing it to Japan for the first iteration of their traveling remix installation. For the project, they invited a heard of musicians into a … read more »

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Stream: Zs, “Bump (Zebrablood Remix)”

This year, longrunning Brooklyn avant-improv unit Zs regrouped as the trio of founding member and sax player Sam Hillmer, guitarist Patrick Higgins, and former Liturgy drummer Greg Fox; they also released Score, a Northern Spy-released … read more »

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Stream: Zs, “Except When You Don’t Because Sometimes You Won’t (Zebrablood Remix)”

This past September, Brooklyn avant-jazz collective Zs celebrated their 10th anniversary with Score: The Complete Sextet Works: 2002-2007, a colorfully packaged box set featuring over four and a half hours of out of print and … read more »

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Pygmy Shrews – "Shame Canal"

Combining the drummer of Drunkdriver (Jeremy Villalobos) and the avant noise guitar work of Zs (Ben Greenberg) with the bass and vocals of Tia Vincent leaves you with the newest insurgent into the revivalist Brooklyn hardcore scene; Pygmy Shrews. read more »

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Zs Announce First Release On Social Registry For June

A few weeks ago we told you about Sam Hillmer’s new side project, but now we’re talking about the main project — Zs, that is. The trio has a new album hitting the streets June 23. read more »

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Sam Hillmer Of Zs New Project: The Fly Girlz

Sam Hillmer of Zs has embarked upon a new project, and no we’re not talking about his work with Dirty Projectors or MOTH. Hillmer and some of his industry friends will help release an album from The Fly Girlz — a group of young girls ranging from ages 12 to 14 from Brownsville, Brooklyn. read more »

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Freeload: Zs, “B Is For Burning”

In the everlasting search for endless repetition, we have been listening to Zs’ new album Arm, from which the below freely downloadable “B Is For Burning” appears. Apparently we’re not the only ones in need … read more »

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