The Goonie Goo Goo Edition

January 30, 2005

Attention kufi slappers - the JR Writer mixtape is available from the fine folks at, in handy ZIP format no less!

To be honest, I'm kind of hard-pressed (pause) to come up (pause) with any JR quotables off the top of my head (pause). A quick Google brought this little couplet: "face the music/still get cake like Regis/hey ma it's J.R./you know I had to make the remix." Ok, that's nothing special. But it's a Dipset tape, you know there's got to be some kind of ridiculous "frooty looty booty movie goonie zoonie kabloonie" flow hidden SOMEWHERE. Right?! Uh...right?

For promotional use only, doggies...

Posted: January 30, 2005
The Goonie Goo Goo Edition