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February 01, 2005


Elephant Man's goofy, catchphrase-driven dancehall is being edged out by culture tunes on the Jamaican charts, but this Black Chiney "Scooby Doo" remix 12" (available here) keeps the novelty ray set to "decimate." Yes, I realize this record - and the "Scoobay" rhythm that inspired it - have been out for months now. But this isn't supposed to be some up-to-date dancehall blog or something; last time I checked, melding Hanna Barbera cartoon samples with frantic ragga (and a gang of bizarro instrumental drops) didn't have a sell-by date.

So yeah, if you're into Ele singing Miami Sound Machine's "Conga" verbatim and shouting ready ready ready ready a bunch of times, pick this up; you also get "Disco Melody" on the flip, smashing Energy God vocals ontop of Rick James basslines and a throwback ska workout. Postmodern ting...

Posted: February 01, 2005
Up Next: The “Velma” Riddim!