Rebels Strike LA

February 04, 2005

At first I thought Steve Aoki and I were the only people stoked for yesterday's MIA show in Los Angeles, but my city did me proud by selling out the Knitting Factory and going apeshit throughout her fifty minute set. I'm still smiling so much I don't care if Nick uses his same damn photo of her to the left that everyone else has been pimping for six months.

After Diplo whipped the crowd up with a DJ set ("Love Cats", Tego, "Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See") the lady in the customized tracksuits hit the stage and blazed through her entire arsenal. Even tripping up a little during "Galang" didn't derail her flow.

The crowd responded the most when Dip flipped the beat to match the Piracy Funds Terrorism versions, but I'm looking forward to seeing her again when more people are familiar with Arular besides illegal downloaders and folks who get press copies.

Dance routines with her hype woman Cherry, costume changes and crazy sexy rebel vibes - New York City get psyched. Planet Earth get ready.

Rebels Strike LA