“Homeboy, Throw In The Towel...”

February 10, 2005

"...your girl got dicked by Ricky Powell."

Some people might only know the Rickster from that Beasties shout out, but I guess that's kind of the story right there. Powell has made a cottage industry out of being a "dude" - this guy around NYC who takes pictures in Washington Square, pets dogs, and happens to know a lot of interesting motherfuckers.

Supertape is a DVD compilation of his no-budget Rappin With The Rickster cable access show from the early '90's, filled with man on the street interviews, basketball, and lots of other stuff. As a document of pre-Giuliani city life, it's amazing, but cop this to be entertained by the interview subjects and Powell's unpretentious charm, not for the history lesson.

Posted: February 10, 2005
“Homeboy, Throw In The Towel...”