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Call JR, Get A Fun Pass

February 11, 2005

All-day subway passes are like a million dollars these days, but to see Bonnie "Prince" Billy and Matt "Matt" Sweeney, live and in person as Superwolf touring five BK/NYC retail spots in one day, yr MetroCard is well worth it.

Some will prolly interpret this as the quirky Will Oldham being quirky yet again, but I'll bet a one-sided ten-inch with photo book that it's more like five birds, one stone. Times and places after the jump

What Goes On On The Road, Stays On The Road:

The Matt Sweeney & Bonnie "Prince" Billy Superwolf free instore tour of New York, Saturday March 5th:

1PM: Sound Fix - 110 Bedford Avenue (Williamsburg)

3PM: Kim's Mediapolis - 2906 Broadway

5PM: Built By Wendy - 7 Centre Market Pl

7PM: Mondo Kim's - 6 St. Mark's Place

9PM: Other Music - 15 E. 4th St.

Call JR, Get A Fun Pass