Dirty Pretty Thangs

February 17, 2005

Lil Jon is giving "cRunk-N-B" a bad name. Techically, he's the one who named the subgenre in the first place, but after three million (ok, maybe more like, seven) identical-yet-slightly-different 100 BPM pop club bangers built off the synth whistle & 808 template, it's ENOUGH ALREADY, JONATHAN!

Fortunately DJ Smallz of Southern Smoke fame stepped up to the plate with the latest edition of his Dirty R&B mixtape, showcasing a grip of tracks which sound nothing like "Goodies, Pt. 5" - like a sick collab between Joi, Bun B, and Pastor Troy, a Sleepy Brown track we hadn't heard before, and the surprisingly hot new Mariah Carey single (for serious!) Pick this up before the Crunkster strikes again...

Posted: February 17, 2005
Dirty Pretty Thangs