Stay Cool

March 08, 2005

Although we love to love Uma Thurman, are fans of John Travolta and think Get Shorty wasn't bad, we secretly shelled out $10.50 for a ticket to Be Cool just to see what our boy Dre 3000 was sayin. We've never understood and probably never will understand why great musicians use their precious-ass time making bullshit movies when they could be making classic albums. How many times have you watched your favorite movie? 15? 20? How many times have you listened to your favorite record? 100? 1000? 1500? Okay okay okay there's more money in Hollywood and watching oneself on the silver screen ads a nice little puff of helium to the ego balloon, but this has gone too far. An open letter to Andre 3000 after the jump.

We weren't gonna write this as an open letter, but fuck it: You made Southernplayalistic, ATLiens, Aquemini, Stankonia and The Love Below. Somehow, we never saw Be Cool's "Dabu" coming, even if the skits on The Love Below might have been some warning. You're restless, you like to experiment blah blah blah. Fine. Go to Hollywood. Take your acting classes. Try something new. But for fuck's sake, don't try Dabu.

You have the right to do whatever you want with your life. You don't owe us another Stankonia. One ATLiens is more than we ever asked for. Thanks for that. But don't ruin "Jazzy Belle" by leaving us with a mental picture of you trying to drink a cup of tea off the barrel of a pistol. That shit wasn't funny, and not because you played a rapper or gangsta or "portrayed guns as...". It was just a bad movie. There's nothing in the world we'd rather have than another Outkast record, but we'd go without it forever if it meant there'd never be another Be Cool.

Posted: March 08, 2005
Stay Cool