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March 11, 2005

Philly was all up in the area when SpankRock and Diplo put it down at Rothko last night.

Big Dada-signee Spank was wilding for sure, flanked by his B-More club DJ, a Mets-capped hypeman, and a short-haired blonde booty dancer in sequined hotpants.

The performance also marked the live debut of grrrl rapper Amanda, who spit rhymes about Kelly Bundy, Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas, and, uh, coochie.

Dip was on point as usual, dropping sick UK grimehall (Vybz' accapella from "Diplo Rhythm" over "Foward Rhythm"? Golly that's gully.) and A-Ha's "Take On Me," among a zillion other songs. He brought SystemD128 out to do live video projections that ran the gamut from Tony Starks to Swamp Thing, and the collective sensory overload forced us to wonder how Rothko could ever top it (maybe by bringing in some UK grime MCs for their first NYC appearance, but more on that in a second...)