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Art Rock Ruckus

March 14, 2005

Wyle-out gypsy punk? Check! Free Booze? Check!

To celebrate the three day mammoth art show at the Armory, Art Forum footed the bill to have Gogol Bordello perform a live set that went off real good as more than a few glasses of white wizzle slid down our collective gullets.

Per usual, the always entertaining Hutz (who unlike most of the artsy crowd, actually fit the part of a mustachioed Iggy Pop) and his crew were pure fire. Just check the timeline after the jump.

11:45 Gogol hit the stage

11:46 Hutz rips his grey NY Yankees beenie off and whips it across the room

11:47 Hutz rips his shirt off and whips it at his drummer

11:48 - 12:30 The band drops a bunch of punchy new songs including "Never Want To Be Young Again" and "Eastern Infection" alongside time tested bangers like "When The Trickster Starts A-Pokin (Bordello Kinda Guy)". Staff members get progressively drunker, climb on chairs, start clapping hands in celebration of the band's set. Chatter of Hutz as "new style icon" and Gogol Bordello being "metal as fuck" ensues.

The verdict: thumbs up! We love art!

Posted: March 14, 2005
Art Rock Ruckus