Party All The Time

March 15, 2005

As Bloc Party preps for a big next week with the release of their debut Silent Alarm, four shows at SXSW and, um, being on the next cover of our magazine, we are treated to...another video for "Banquet"?

We thought the first one was fine, even if it being shot on digital didn't quite give it the Corbijn-esque aesthetic it was going for. Don't get us wrong, we're not complaining, it just seems like kind of a weird move and a weird second single for the album, seeing that it was their second single...back in 2004.

The promo (we're using that word because it's English) was directed by the duo Alex & Liane who also did the group's one for "So Here We Are". During the first minute of "Banquet" we though the group was taking themselves too seriously, but by the end we're not sure if they're taking themselves seriously enough. The only thing that could make it even sillier is if the hands started making giant dog and rabbit shadow puppets on the wall.

Also it should be noted that all of this was brought to our attention by, a great site that spotlights new videos to check out. Right now their links include quality joints for Soulwax, DJ Format and the Futureheads. So bookmark it already.

Posted: March 15, 2005
Party All The Time