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Dearly Beloved

March 25, 2005

"Hi we're the Dears, we hear you can buy a few of our records over there. We haven't seen them, but we're sure they're there - somewhere."

So began the Dears' instore performance at Virgin Records Union Square this Thurrrsday. After a few hiccups, the band lined up on stage (boys on left, girls on right) and muscled their way through a set that was surprisingly flavor for a unit-moving instore promo gig. More on the show (and pics!) after the jump.

They kicked off with the seven-minute mindsweeper "Postcard From Purgatory" (and some illl MELODICA parts!) and ran through a few other songs that you might know from making (or if you were lucky, receiving) mixtapes with wintertime crushes including "Lost In The Plot" and "Never Destroy Us". Don't get us wrong, the show was really killer, but hearing the ENTIRE album piped through the store's PA before the band's set really took the wind outta the sails. C'mon dogs! We're all for free music, but...

Posted: March 25, 2005
Dearly Beloved