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Pacific Trim

March 28, 2005

Honestly, it took much longer for Stephen Malkmus's upcoming Face The Truth to make it from the mail crate to the car stereo than if this was the late winter of 2001 (or heaven forbid, the spring of 1998). And initially the album left us cold. That is until we hit “side B”.

After that we started getting amped that Malky Malktokamous could still command the whole in-control-totally-desperate-not-giving-a-single-shit spectrum with his voice and could couple it with some seriously hot jams or hot licks or hot jicks or whatever. Plus “Post-Paint Boy” sounds exactly like an inexplicably unreleased Pavement track. Then when the CD auto reversed back to the beginning before we could reach for the eject button, the first half sounded much better than it had the first time around, with the second cut “It Kills” achieving PRIME BEEF status.

Nicely played Mr Malkmus. Fuck the haters, we're back on your side.

Posted: March 28, 2005
Pacific Trim