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Art For Rock’s Sake!

April 05, 2005

We're not sure if blogging, uh, 675 hours after an event makes something too stale for the World Wide Web, but we just awoke from our Hennessy and Heineken ("Henny-Heiny," try it!) coma that we swam into Friday night after seeing art haus faves Lightning Bolt and Japanese noise band DMBQ last Friday night in Greenpoint.

A couple crazy things: DMBQ's drummer passing the whole drumset through the audience while he played it (live hell!), lead guitarist thrashing atop stereo in spelunking binoculars, and Lightning Bolt bucking tradition and actually playing on stage (short lived) instead of on the floor among the de-mulleted hoi polloi. These were crazy times indeed, but weirdness top banana goes to the jiggy polish club/venue where it all shook down: sort of an impossibly big cavern nestled (hidden?) above the local Burger King. Yes. What? Look forward to more post-RISD thrashouts at your local Ray's Famous.

Posted: April 05, 2005
Art For Rock’s Sake!