Phoenix Suns

April 06, 2005

Now that we've all spent a little time with the Phoenix album Live! ThirtyDaysAgo, even the far away and unblessed know what a Phoenix show sounds like: squeals, self-possessed guitar riffs, acoustic hi-jinks, French-accented asides etc etc.

Last night’s show at Irving Plaza (alongside Dogs Die In Hot Cars, Long-View and Joy Zipper) proved that said riffs and acoustics are standard to every show (literally, like you could make a Live!ThirtyDaysAgo live album). But once the lights dimmed, it was like the Phoenix High Homecoming dance: couples turned away from the stage making out and slow dancing, couples turned towards the stage freaking each other, frat hounds shaking their cargo pant-ed boom booms, mandal-clad jam hounds shaking long blonde locks and holding hands - all to the same song. Seriously, if the Love Boat dropped anchor on 15th and Irving Place these are the kooky passengers that would have disembarked. In layman’s terms, it was an audience puzzle. Who likes Phoenix? Who doesn’t like Phoenix?

Answer: everybody. America Loves Phoenix. Even the G-Unit.

Posted: April 06, 2005
Phoenix Suns