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Spring Collection

April 07, 2005

Not sure if Big Boi caught any flack from Mr. Lifshitz or Mr. Giles on calling his new record label Purple Ribbon, but either way, the label's recent tape with Drama an'em has some fire on it - and is perfect for this warm streak we just wandered into.

Dre and Big's past A&R misfirings seem to have tightened Big Boi's game up quite a bit and various label shakeups haven't hurt the talent pool. With Organized Noize on point, Bubba's back on his feet, Sleepy might actually get an actual album in actual stores, and Killer Mike's proving he's got chops that suit more than just the A-town stomp - file this one under Cop'n'Ride. And by that we mean, you know, buy this and play it while you're driving around. If you're not shining like drop-top shining, at least roll the sunroof down. Or the windows. Listen, we're salty that we don't have a car alright? Just enjoy the weather, people.

Posted: April 07, 2005
Spring Collection