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Too Grime For Prime Time

April 08, 2005

After catching Dizzee Rascal at the El Rey on Tuesday night (as pictured above, in that thugged-out Scrooge McDuck tee), we followed him on Thursday to a taping of Jimmy Kimmel Live - which turned out to be a misnomer because the show is airing this Friday night on ABC.

Our digital camera was confiscated at the VIP entrance, but the show's famed green room was totally just like it was on Entourage! Bypassing the table of chicken skewers and crudités, we killed time until the start of the show by drinking Belgian beer from the open bar and playing a couple rounds of No Good Gofers. But then we kind of broke and titled the machine, so we edged slowly towards the Galaga upright.

Then the filming began and we watched most of it on big plasma screen TVs, occasionally catching jokes about Michael Jackson over the din of hobnobbing. After Kimmel interviewed an actress whose TV show we'd never heard of and the brother of the fat kid in Stand By Me it was time for Dizzy Diz. We were ushered on to the studio floor (we told you we went in through the VIP entrance!) and saw him perform his uplifting single “Dream”. The fat kid's brother was loving it, sitting on Kimmel's desk to get a better view and clapping along. Even though DJ Wonder didn't flip the beat on the last verse to BIG's “Juicy” like he does during their live show, Dizzee still brought it while wearing an oversize shirt with an oversize image of Jimi Hendrix on it.

Dizzee was supposed to perform “Stand Up Tall” over the end credits, but instead they brought him to the couch and hawked his album Showtime one more time. Unfortunately they didn't let him talk on the air. Yo, why's the network trying to silence the kid? He spits the realness. Los Angeles…GHETTO! Hollywood Blvd…GHETTO! El Capitan Entertainment Center…GHETTO!

Posted: April 08, 2005
Too Grime For Prime Time