FADER Takes Chicago: Part One

April 11, 2005

Who was that guy?

We have trouble remembering - not due to debauchery-related blackouts, just because there were SO many Chicago folks stuffed inside Sonotheque this past Friday getting extra-live to the FADER/Pitchfork soundclash, that it's hard to keep track. How live did they get, you say?

Yeah, basically.

So what went down with the battle? As much as we were drawn in by the prospect of blood on the dancefloor, it's hard to get snarky on our new Pitchfork pals for anything...other than their all-mp3 set "spun" on a shareware-loaded PC laptop.

A PC, dudes? At least it allowed for easy post-set, 5am messageboarding - complete with fake Knox posts (FYI it's usually "SQUALIE!" or "BIRDCALL!" rather than "HOLLA!", impersonators).

But we're just kiddin like Jason (mostly). The PF crew was genuinely friendly, and we dig that. We dug a fair ammount of their selections, too - some grime, some afrobeat and Talking Heads, even "California Love".

We suppose there's no way to talk about our sets without being biased, but damn, it was back to back to back to back heatery. Southern-fried grooves, Baltimore club, Jade's "Don't Walk Away", Feist remixes, salsa, Damien Marley, and more. It made carting two-hundred or so vinyl records accross state lines more than worthwhile.

Everyone, thanks for dancing. Biz3, thanks for having us out - and for being generally the shit. Puma, thanks for making it possible. And for inventing the suede Clyde.

Posted: April 11, 2005
FADER Takes Chicago: Part One