Yard Inna Yokohama

April 11, 2005

Yo we’ll pay $10 for a $5 mixtape as quick as the next street-obsessive, but not everyone can roll thru BK on a Saturday for a handful of the hood.

If you need a boutique-ready mix of dancehall with no rough edges, the crew down at Deadly Dragon has short stack of Warriors Attack G9, a superproduced promo mix of Jamaica’s now-ish things - "Military", "Mad Guitar", "Scoobay", "Kopa" and "Bomb A Drop" dancehall riddims on the first half, then culture stuff like "Drop Leaf" and "Father Jungle Rock" riddims on the flip.

The whole thing’s strung together with lasers, f/x blastation and dubplate overkill - it’s from Yokohama’s Mighty Crown Sound System and that yen money got the brothers fresh from yard sounding perplexed at getting a check for rhyming “crown”, “sound” and “Paypal account.” (Caveat emptor: no "Jamrock” on this mix…gotta think a Marley kid doesn’t need the $$$ like that).

Did any of that make sense? What we’re saying is: reggae music 2005 is here, there and everywhere. Forward!

Posted: April 11, 2005
Yard Inna Yokohama