Friedberger Fest

April 12, 2005

This weekend found (some of) us clamoring into Webster Hall - home of the famous collapsing floorboards - for the Fiery Furnaces jammy. Last we were there, it was for the country fried Whipporwhill clan (er, Followill?) Kings of Leon show and - listen up haterz - this one was just as packed.

Ells and Matt pulled off more of their indubitable Friedberger Melody Frenzy, punctuated by the occasional sing-song, on-stage aside like, "Matt don't keep looking at me like that," (i.e. remember when you were 7 years old and just decided to sing everything instead of speaking? "No I don't want to eat that squash I'm going to go upstairs to watch He-Man" etc etc.? Kinna like that.)

Biggest bummer of the night was the daylight savings-era scheduling: show time was 9 pm. WTF people, is this a breakfast meeting or a concert show? Apparently at 11 o clock Webby Hall does a serious Cinderella act and turns into some dubious dance party, no Blueberry Boat or Gallowsbirds Bark to speak of.

Posted: April 12, 2005
Friedberger Fest