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He’s Jus’ A Rascal, A Texas Rascal

April 13, 2005

Yeah, this is like our zillionth (read: fifth, but we've only been in blog biz for a sec) post on Mr. Mills, but whatever, he's on tour in the US right now, and it's only fair that we keep y'all posted on what develops.

The Dirtee Stank CEO hits Houston tonight, and will be on Damage Control Radio - listen here - from Midnight to 3am Texas time (do the math yrselves).

Thursday night he takes the stage at The Engine Room, and studio time has been booked inbetween so Dizzee can hit the studio with a grip of Screwston rap luminaries to record. Don't want to jinx it by saying exactly who (a champ and a king, that's all the beans we'll spill), but to call us DUMB EXCITED TO HEAR THAT SHIT would be one of the understatements of the year.

Posted: April 13, 2005
He’s Jus’ A Rascal, A Texas Rascal