Finger Lickin’ Good

April 14, 2005

Anyone who's ever been hit by shrapnel from a sammich flung across the office knows that we here at The FADER take our lunches very seriously, so when a new wings place named Big Wangs just opened up near our LA space we knew it could be on like Donkey Kong.

When we entered the bright orange restaurant we found a farm themed décor and waitresses wearing tank tops that read “Chicks Dig Big Wangs” across the back...wait, wait, wait...rewind. We forgot to mention that in the parking lot was a total dudebro blasting “Freakin' At The Freakers Ball” and that he later came inside to drink his second pitcher of beer while watching the Dodgers game playing on one of the many plasma screen TVs.

Anyway, the buffalo wings, BBQ wings, and garlic buffalo wings are all tasty and they are strictly on the drumette steez, so you get none of those awkward pieces where you have to thread the needle to get the meat. And if you're scared about getting too messy before heading back to the jay-oh-be there's also personal pizzas and grinders, which are apparently the same things as subs (which are apparently the same thing as hoagies). As for vegetarian options…well we weren't paying attention. We were digging too much on the Kings Of Leon and Journey playing on the stereo.

Our only real beef with Big Wangs is that the menu seems designed to make you embarrassed when ordering from it. If you want six wings you have to ask for a “Lil Wang” (pause), even worse is that for a 18 piece platter you have to ask for a “Super Wang” (pause pause), and even even worse is that to get two jalapeño cheddar dogs in a bun you have to ask for a “Double Donger” (pause times infinity plus one). But the folks at Big Wangs are real friendly so they won't laugh at you to your face and when they messed up our friend's order they apologized by giving her a giant tequila shot. It was one thirty in the afternoon.

So we'll catch you there after work next Tijuana Tuesday for $2 cans of Tecate and Frozen Margaritas. We'll be the ones just waking up from this food coma. We've got to take a nap.

Posted: April 14, 2005
Finger Lickin’ Good