Hustle And Flow

April 29, 2005

Last weekend we crept out to SF to watch the teen poets of Urban Word NYC do their thing at Brave New Voices 2005 - basically the national teen poetry slam championships.

The event's organizers went out of their way to stress that the whole thing was about the poetry, not the competition, and we couldn't agree more...even though WE FUCKING WON, ahem. And yeah we heard some mad good poetry - but the real mindblow came from other moments: roving posses of poets running around in nonstop ciphers, the NYC team co-opting reggae hooks for its battle cry and getting kids from Ypsilani to chant the lyrics from "See Da Key", a skinny white kid from Leeds flowing over "Forward" riddim before passing it to a couple of NY MCs who battled freestyles over the track for close to a hazy half an hour. Insanity! (One gripe: the SF people kept talking hyphy this and hyphy that, but no one had any music!)

Later today we're gonna have the team touch the mic down at EVR for FADER Fridays. Hit us up when in the studio from 6-8pm: "EastVillageRadio" on AIM.

Posted: April 29, 2005
Hustle And Flow