Guess Darth Vader REALLY Likes Hennessy

May 06, 2005

Got a one-line shout from the Evil Empire mixtape dudes this AM: "Vader with the pimp cup, and we couldnt get a mention??! Ouch."

Huh wha? Turns out, EE just dropped their Be South Episode III mixtape, with more of the Empire's signature movie art covers and new new joints from Jeezy, Da BackWudz, and Paul Wall (with Juelz!)

We had no idea the mix was even out when posting "crunk Darth" the other day (sent in by one of the Star Wars DJs) - Evil Empire, get us promos early next time! Hit us on the Nextel chirp or something!

Posted: May 06, 2005
Guess Darth Vader REALLY Likes Hennessy