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Caller ID This Track

May 23, 2005

With the undeniable success of the Ying Yang Twins' “Wait (The Whisper Song)”, an official remix was inevitable. And by remix we mean a bunch of rappers who aren't the Ying Yang Twins dropping new verses over the old beat and the magically self-referential new chorus, “This is the 'Wait' remix. This is the 'Wait' remix. Ay girl, this is the 'Wait' remix. Cuz you couldn't get enough.”

Song closer Missy Elliott resorts to a regular style, but Lil' Scrappy, Busta Rhymes (how did they ever get him to do a remix?) and Free all spit explicit sex rhymes in the creepy whisper voice that kind of gives us the heeby jeebies. The cut really should be subtitled "The Obscene Caller Song". And in that case, dudes, couldn't you have gotten the originator and put Fat Lip up on this? We all know he could use the money.

Posted: May 23, 2005
Caller ID This Track