Smoke Signals

June 02, 2005

Last night's Devin show was - as expected - the shit. Everyone left the club beaming and thoroughly contact high-ed, and while some of the concertgoers griped that the Dude's set wasn't longer (no "Who's That Man, Momma?"), we were thrilled just for the chance to sing along with him to "steady gettin blow-ow-ow-owed..." in our own town.

Before Devin went onstage, Spankrock ripped his opening slot just like he did the last time at Rothko, performing tracks from a forthcoming Money Studies 12" and even working some Zapp and Roger into the mix.

You KNOW the flashdancers were on hand to act out the "ass-shakin competition champ" lines, while Spank's guest MC Amanda - rocking a Larry Fishburne in King Of New York screenprinted dress - worked her hardcore partyrocking delivery just as fiercely. Then they played Bossman's "Oh" to finish the set before Devin went on.

The Texas-heavy opening DJ sets by Chill and JD were extra on point as well. We have to give a massive, massive reciprocal holler to DJ Chill, who - when not hitting the crowd hard with "I Smoke, I Drink" and other club detonators - kept shouting out "FADER Magazine in the building!" in between damn near every song. Thanks for the love.

Posted: June 02, 2005
Smoke Signals