June 09, 2005

With Lords Of Dogtown out in the theaters, what bad choices for screenwriters will director Catherine Hardwicke have left now that she's already used a thirteen-year-old and a falsely modest, self-mythologizing square?

George Lucas? A goat?

Hardwicke has been hired to direct a romance about Antonio Vivaldi, so maybe she'll dig up the corpse of an Italian composer from the 18th century, put him in front of the PowerBook and see what type of magic happens.

Sure, this gimmick crediting supposedly gives the film authenticity (and possibly distracts from the fact that there isn't a single appealing character), but there's no shame in using script doctors. You don't even need to credit those dudes. When David Fincher was attached to Lords Of Dogtown he was going to bring in Roger Avary. That's not a perfect combo, but it probably would have been better than the cinematic dook we got instead - all the grit and soul and humor of an after-school special, mixed with classic rock and skating montages. So many damn skating montages.

Posted: June 09, 2005