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A-Town Down

June 13, 2005

Damn, folks - we had crew all over the place this weekend! 99x's Music Midtown was popping off in Atlanta, and FADER affiliates - not to be confused with the Aphilliates, although they are awesome too - braved rain, beer-throwing, and all manner of screaming Killers fans to get the scoop.

This year’s fest was definitely on the uncomfortable side, through no fault of any of the bands - that Pixies fan up top was soaked by 5pm, and she still had five more hours to go before her favorite band hit the stage. When they did, Black Frank and Kim and 'em were nice enough to blow through their hits early so folks could drive home and dry off.


Tegan and Sara remain the funnest lesbian sisters ever, and their hook-filled singles sounded as good on stage as their banter. Bloc Party (seen with friend) rocked out as per the usual, and errrone's fave Coors Light-drankin, Mormon pop rockers the Killers drove the young girls crazy.

Of course, we were really just there for the Stripery - and they did not disappoint. But on some real talk - when is Jack just going to go whole hog and break out the bolo tie? For serious! You can tell he wants to.

Posted: June 13, 2005
A-Town Down