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We The Paparazzi, They The Livest Posse

June 13, 2005

Check out this tabloid-worthy pic of James Murphy and Michael Pitt and pals after the LCD show on Friday - we would have totally tried to hustle it off on some hipster Page Six steez if Murphy and friends hadn't been so cool about it (going as far as to promise to read today's blog post to see how the picture came out - prints are a fiver, JM.)

To kick off the weekend, half of the DFA empire descended upon Webster Hall for a rump-rattling party cleverly disguised as just another “Bowery Presents” show. The Juan Maclean got it started with some choice cuts off Less Than Human; Gerry Fuchs straight-up killed it on the drum kit and Synare while the Juan himself was manhandling the keyboard like David Helfgott.

Headliners LCD Soundsystem brought the house down with a covers of Siouxsie and the Banshees' “Slowdive” and Harry Nilsson's “Jump Into the Fire”, at which point the 50-something photographer for Getty Images lost his shit, and we pondered - yet again - how rad it would have been to grow up in the sixties.

(In a related note, the good folks at Banana Nutrament have painstakingly annotated LCD's 2002 hipster anthem “Losing My Edge.” Not to be one-uped, the Fader would like to announces its plans to annotate Ulysses, and were not talking about that indie rock band with that dude from Apples in Stereo. Stay tuned, college kiddos...)

Posted: June 13, 2005
We The Paparazzi, They The Livest Posse