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Wood Grain Grippin’

June 15, 2005

While toys for grown-ups isn't the newest of trends, it is one that's particularly, er, trendy right now, from the new Gorillaz guys to Robot Chicken. Of course, we understand that in the middle of this two-to-twelve-inch-high wave of plastic and vinyl you may find yourself jonesing for some throwback playtime pick-me-up. If so, look no further than Miami toymakers Friends With You. Their new series, the Good Wood Gang, finds the company going all-the-way Lincoln Log: every member of the limited edition Gang is entirely made out of hand-carved and hand-painted wood.

The official Good Wood Gang launch takes place at the L.A. Kid Robot store July 7th, and in Giant Robot's new NYC store July 8th. If that's not enough to line you up outside the stores right now, check the names: Squid Racer, Lucky Doovoo, Blackfoot aka Captain Bingo, Sweet Tooth, and the one that sits in the office as we blog, Mr. T.T.T. Burger.

Posted: June 15, 2005
Wood Grain Grippin’