Throwback Thursday Night

June 16, 2005

Just 'cause we'd rather listen to the latest Rapid Ric mix and More Than Music than whatever the OkayPlayers are going ga-ga over this week, some folks have implied that The FADER doesn't care about "real hip hop". Wrong! We just don't care about boring hip hop! 1994 NYC was 1994!

However, when folks do the throwback thing properly (with the spirit and fun of the past, rather than just the stylistic trappings) we'll support 100%. That's why tonight we'll be getting down with some ex-A Tribe Called Quest members and our homie Mark Ronson as they do exactly that.

ATCQ beatsmith Ali Shaheed Muhammad is kicking off a new party at Williamsburg's Triple Crown; accross the bridge, Table 50 is hosting the "Authentic Shit" reunion with Q-Tip, Turntable Lab's Blu Jemz, and Ronson on the decks along with special guests rumored to include Just Blaze and Large Professor.

(Side note - if you are sleeping on Mark's EVR show that follows FADER Radio every Friday, you are sleeping hard!)

Both parties promise to deliver one good-ass night of boom bap, go out and get your party on.

Posted: June 16, 2005
Throwback Thursday Night