Hey Mr. Tambourine Man

June 23, 2005

So last night, Oasis played their sold out show at Madison Square Garden - amazingly enough, it was the first time our generously-eyebrowed Mancunian pals had ever headlined the World's Greatest Venue (Yeah, we said it. What you gonna do 'bout it, Hollywood Bowl?)

Liam clutched his tambourine the whole night and actually remained on stage throughout the entire set, which is quite the accomplishment in and of itself.

Aside from the occasional cross look towards one another, the Gallagher brothers remained on their best behavior. Adorned by thousands of hanging lights and spotlights, the five band members, including an unknown keyboardist (the lost Followill brother?) played a handful of new songs, but most of the setlist was 'Sis classics, which made for an amazing show - we can't tell whether or not it peaked with the opening riff to "(What's The Story) Morning Glory" or the "Wonderwall/Don't Look Back In Anger" encore. Either way - the Gallagher bro bros had some JOINTS.

(Apparently Jet was the opening act, but we don't know anyone who was there for that.)

Posted: June 23, 2005
Hey Mr. Tambourine Man