What They Gown Doo

June 27, 2005

This past Friday, Baltimore club legend Rod Lee came to Bowery nightspot Mission for a rare NYC appearance celebrating the release of The Official, Vol 5. Opening up was none other than the B-More-raised, Philly-livin Spankrock, also riding high off this week's release of his debut single. We should probably also mention the "dancer" who made an unanounced appearance smack in the middle of Spank's set, sans pants.

Early on, the club's lack of an actual "stage", combined with some technical difficulties from the soundsystem, made for more head-scratching than ass-shaking. But then Spankrock started rapping - sitting crosslegged in the VIP all regal-like. The crowd warmed up with each track, and even Rod Lee came up front to dance and give Spank a pound.

At this point, the aforementioned pantsless gal got up on the couch/stage and started doing the "ass moving independently from rest of body" dance - after about 20 minutes the general consensus wasn't DUDE LOOK BOOTY so much as DUDE CAN SHE PLEASE STOP NOW. The girl kept at it for the rest of the Spankrock performance, and stayed up there for most of Rod Lee's DJ set too, but by that point we were too busy losing our shit during "Feel Me" to be bothered by it.

(During the Spankrock set, a Turntable Lab honcho came over to share his excitement that the 12" was finally out. "Remember that corny movie where Tom Hanks has the band and he takes them around the country playing their song?" "That Thing You Do?" "Yeah, that one. I want to be Tom Hanks and take these guys to county fairs and shit. Except the movie would have to be called Put That Pussy On Me.")

Posted: June 27, 2005
What They Gown Doo