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June 28, 2005

We've been saying "bring back The State" forever - it just seems to be that every time we try to holler at Sumner Redstone to politic, he's like "don't hit me on my Nextel chirp if you want to conversate about some motherfucking sketch comedy." Damn!

While the DVD release of one of the funniest MTV shows of all time remains tentative at best, Stella - a new show from The State creators - debuts tonight on Comedy Central. Don't let the promo posters (and online banner ads!) all over the place fool you - this is still a very weird, very experimental show from hysterical folks like Michael Ian Black. The pilot is up for online viewing, but be sure to tune in anyway - maybe it will make them finally put out that DVD. DUDES ARE YOU LISTENING?!

Posted: June 28, 2005
Jokes Jokes Jokes