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Indie Art vs Po Po

July 01, 2005

Huge swathes of the Lower East Side were empty last night because the population of art kids, musicians and general scene bunnies had migrated to the Deitch Brooklyn space to celebrate the release of Live Through This: New York 2005.

A compendium of images featuring artists like Dearraindrop, As Four, Cory Arcangel and Jules de Balincourt, the party promised live sets from Phiiliipp, Dash Snow, Soft Circle and Brian Degraw. What everyone got instead was a loud megaphone announcement, courtesy of the NYPD, informing them to “leave now, go inside or receive a summons.” We opted for the summons!

Actually we didn’t and we left to go eat a fish taco round the corner in hopes of waiting it out - but by the time we were getting our salsa on, the whole shebang had gone bust. Live through this, indeed!

Posted: July 01, 2005
Indie Art vs Po Po