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These Colors Don’t Run

July 07, 2005

Players lovers haters: every now and again there’s something that amasses enough super talents to cross lines and unite a disaffected population. It sounds like we’re talking about Live 8 or some shit but actually factually we’re talking about the Red, White and Blue show at Spencer Brownstone Gallery that opens tonight. We’re talking SIXTY artists here, people - eat that Sir Bob!

Artists in the show include: Cindy Greene of Libertine, Gordon Hull from Surface2Air (and his brother Tim!), Nancy Whang of LCD Soundsystem, Greg Foley of V, Ian Svenonius of Weird War, art haus favorites Simone Shubuck, Hernan Bas and Andre and Athena Razo and - holy tamoley we just ran out of breath we got so excited!

Posted: July 07, 2005
These Colors Don’t Run