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July 11, 2005

If you’ve been sunning (and sonning) yourself out in the Hamptons or, like, Far Rockaway and have somehow managed to avoid seeing those gigantor posters around town announcing the kickoff of the Adidas Fanatic series, then this is your official warning. Tonight will find the FADER team at a secret location downtown getting hep for the team draw and figgering out who we’ll be competing against in the soccer tourney that kicks off on July 16.

Suckers that we will be schooling include: the aLife Rivington Ringers, Nom de Hooligans, The Tokion Sports & Leisure Club, FC Vice, BIG Magazine aka Real Big, and Tribeca Grand & Cafe Gitane aka Gitane Grand Internacional. Sure, we know it’s the same day as the Siren Fest, but which would you rather do: see indie rock at the beach or watch a bunch of pale hipsters bat themselves around a soccer field? We thought so.

Posted: July 11, 2005