Federline Yo

July 12, 2005

We usually shy away from music celeb stuff at ye olde FADER blog - really just because there's places on the interweb so much better at it. But we recently came accross some info too good (and potentially interesting) not to run with it.

Disco D, the dude behind the ghettotech madness of the Booty Bar and our favorite beat on the 50 Cent record, is apparently producing tracks for Kevin "Britney's Husband" Federline's debut album. If pics weren't proof enough, Disco recently dropped some messageboard comments on their collab. "Seriously tho, this shit is on the new school hick hop next level," he says. "We did one song together last week which is absolutely bananas and some of the catchiest shit I've ever heard."


Posted: July 12, 2005
Federline Yo