Triple Double

July 22, 2005

The Triple5Soul folks just hit us with two most excellent, limited-edition mix CDs. The first, Universal Language ,is the latest in T5S's Soul Sessions series (say that one fast), following up joints from Prefuse 73 and Hollertronix. Mixed by Wajeed from Platinum Pied Pipers, Universal is, in Wajeed's words "full of goodies I've collected from friends and fellow weirdos who dig this Kraftwerk/Detroit techno-influenced geek music."

The second, 48 Hours In Transit, was constructed by longtime FADER contributor Edwin Houghton and Jamal Ali (aka Stats and Black) for T5S's Subscript label, and its 28 tracks roll through everything from Q-Tip and D'Angelo to the Juan Maclean and Panjabi Hit Squad's sick remix of Beenie Man's "Dude."

The packaging is just as flavor as the mixes - Graphic Havoc did the Wajeed cover, and the Stats and Black mix comes stuffed inside a monogrammed Subscript CD case. Check the interlocking screenprints! You can find both CDs at select Triple5 and Subscript retail locations this fall.

Posted: July 22, 2005
Triple Double