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Cabin Fever

July 28, 2005

Continuing our fascination with cinema of questionable merit, we have to remind the world that Chris Elliott's truly odd Cabin Boy screens tonight at NYC's Anthology Film Archives. The '94 cult hit is the story of "fancy lad" Nathaniel Mayweather (Elliott) and his misadventures on the seas with some grizzled fishermen. Impossible to watch at points, but when the bizarre jokes hit, they hit real hard.

"Leechfoot" on IMDB calls Cabin Boy "The Greatest Movie Ever Made by Humans", and we'll let him finish selling y'all on it. "I don't think this movie will ever get the recognition it deserves. Mostly because Chris Elliot is kind of unpleasant. Not to me. Well, okay yes to me. He is unpleasant to me, but in a good way. People should just lighten up and realize that this movie is brilliant. Come on."

Posted: July 28, 2005
Cabin Fever