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What The Hex

August 04, 2005

The hardest part about getting into the Fall isn't the fact their singer sounds like a drunk dude ranting on a box in Hyde Park, it's that they've put out A MILLION ALBUMS. You don't wanna be that dude who only has the greatest hits, right? But you also don't want to that dude who only has their avant-garde ballet soundtrack, either. Not a good look!

If we may be so bold, allow us to direct you toward Castle's handy, recent re-issue of perhaps Mark E. Smith & Co.'s peak outing. Hex Enduction Hour is adventurous and accessible, with classics like, "Fortress/Deer Park," and "Hip Priest." Plus, this version comes with a bonus disc of Peel Sessions and assorted other treats for your jack-o-lantern.

Posted: August 04, 2005
What The Hex