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Clickety Clank

August 05, 2005

As beef goes, this whole 50 Cent/Nas/Fat Joe/Jadakiss thing is kinda tofu-esque. For all the "It's about to be on!" posturing from all parties, there hasn't been much ether thrown. God's Son's "MC Burial" retort last week was pretty tame. Even 50's opening statement, "Piggybank," was kind of PG, no? Yes, Curtis, Fat Joe is fat. We doubt even Crack himself would deny this. Well played!

But now things are getting downright bizarre. 50 is re-releasing The Massacre in conjunction with his biopic, Get Rich Or Die Tryin' (nice pencil 'stache in the trailer!). The new version comes with videos for all 22 of the album's songs. No doubt, most of the clips will probably stick to the G-Unit script of ladies, bros, ice, rims, etc. But these images from the "Piggybank" clip have us genuinely puzzled. Jadakiss as a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle? Game as Mr. Potatohead? Is 50 Cent so deeply ensconced in the wilds of suburban Connecticut that he has lost touch with how to truly hurt a dude's feelings? Or, is this a grand meta-commentary on the inherent childishness of beef? Marinate on that!

Posted: August 05, 2005
Clickety Clank