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Can’t Slow Down That’s Close To Stoppin

August 09, 2005

Someone in the office just declared Young Jeezy's "Go Crazy (Remix)" the best song of the year - no wait "favorite song of the year", which is a little more our style. But then we bang "My Hood" and DAMN that sounds like a Banner beat, and it also sounds maybe even better than "Go Crazy".

We did some research and answered one of the questions: "My Hood" contains an "interpolation" of Banner and TI's "Rubber Band Man" (shout to the Snowman's legal team). But liner notes don't know nuthin about which song is our more favorite-er. Hmmmmmmm. Pull up, selector rewind, etc etc etc etc etc.

Posted: August 09, 2005
Can’t Slow Down That’s Close To Stoppin